SymphonicB2B sponsors local community event.

We were thrilled to sponsor an event placed by a client of ours, Spinner Law Firm, The Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce, and Wesley Chapel Nissan in an effort to benefit the homeless community. Symphonic B2B’s participation was designing and printing the flyers, donating essentials, and the recap video.

With over 125 attendees, this event represents the good that a local business community can do to help each other but also, those in need. View the recap video below for a quick overview of the event.

New Year, Better Goals

By Greg Vinas, Director of Symphonic B2B

At the beginning of this year, I started tracking my networking activities and the hours that I am dedicate to each group or association.

What I have been doing is breaking down the amount of hours I invest on a weekly basis to each association and then breaking down how many referrals or productive partnerships I obtain from each group.

Doing this has given me valuable data that reflects the ROI on my time invested to each group. It also helps me figure out what my client acquisition cost is per networking group. So now I know that if I invest 20 hours per month networking with “group X” that results in 1 quality lead but my 5 hours per month invested with “group Y” also resulted in 1 quality lead. That data tells me I should invest more time with “Y” than “X”.

Sometimes we get so complaisant with certain networking routines and groups that it impairs us from seeing the data or analytics that are right in front of us.

I will continue to track my networking on a monthly and quarterly basis in an attempt to better invest my time while trying to figure out where to double down.

What is your business resolution? Let us help you achieve it today.

How should I be using social media for my business?

The truth is that, unfortunately there isn’t a short answer to this question. But, there are several short facts that will help answer this riddled question so many of us business executives often ask ourselves and others.

Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics, said “Social media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.” I often look back and reflect on that statement. It is true! Social media has changed the way we communicate in our personal relationships as well as how we communicate with our business relationships. The best way to understand this “new language” called social media is to understand its different platforms and what they mean for our businesses. Better yet, understanding them helps us better communicate and deliver our message to the world.

Did you know that…

  • Social media is now the #1 activity on the Internet
  • Users spend an average of 55 mins per day on social media
  • Users post an average of 90 posts per month
  • 79% of customers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions
  • Over 90% of companies today use social media for marketing purposes
  • More than half of the human race is under the age of 30. Which means they don’t know a life without the Internet

Lets put social media’s rapid growth into perspective. To reach 50 million users:

  • Radio- 38 years
  • TV-13 years
  • Internet- 4 years
  • Facebook- hit 100 million users in less than 9 months

I know all of these little facts can sometimes seem silly or useless, but the truth is that understanding these little things can actually help us better understand these social media platforms and how to use them.

Okay! So with out further ado here are my favorite platforms, and what message they are better suited to deliver.

These facts tell us that we should primarily use this platform to deliver our business messages, connect and network with other business executives, and maybe even recruit new employees.  Social media has made the world smaller in the sense that we can now connect with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. So use LinkedIn to connect with those who will help you and your business grow.

This data tells us that Twitter should be used as a platform to showcase your products, connect with clients, and even use it as a research tool to find out what your clients are saying about you and your brand.

Oh Instagram! The black hole that pulls us all in and keeps us there scrolling through pictures for countless minutes before we realize “Dang! I need to get back to work!” But just like we get pulled in, so do our followers. It’s a great platform to engage with followers and showcase your company’s’ fun and creative side. Use this platform as a teaser or to create a buzz. Have fun with this app!


Use YouTube as a reference or quick FAQ channel.  Having a YouTube channel allows you to share videos on your website, Facebook, and even Twitter, It makes it easy for your followers to simply go on your channel and see videos you have posted about your products, company culture, FAQ, and so much more. With video the possibilities are endless.

Facebook marketing has transformed how business is conducted, and its use by local businesses to extend their markets continues to explode. Use this platform as your main communication tool. Video content is very important on this platform. Whether it’s a professionally produced video or simply a video you shot with your smart phone, make sure your content is consistent and that the message comes from a genuine stance.

5 Tips to Reduce Presentation Anxiety

We found this new post from Entrepreneur to be rather helpful. Every business owner struggles with getting in front of someone when making a presentation. These tips have helped some of our staff members and we felt it’d be cool to share with you as well. Check out 5 tips to reduce presentation anxiety here!