January 26, 2017 B2B Staff

New Year, Better Goals

By Greg Vinas, Director of Symphonic B2B

At the beginning of this year, I started tracking my networking activities and the hours that I am dedicate to each group or association.

What I have been doing is breaking down the amount of hours I invest on a weekly basis to each association and then breaking down how many referrals or productive partnerships I obtain from each group.

Doing this has given me valuable data that reflects the ROI on my time invested to each group. It also helps me figure out what my client acquisition cost is per networking group. So now I know that if I invest 20 hours per month networking with “group X” that results in 1 quality lead but my 5 hours per month invested with “group Y” also resulted in 1 quality lead. That data tells me I should invest more time with “Y” than “X”.

Sometimes we get so complaisant with certain networking routines and groups that it impairs us from seeing the data or analytics that are right in front of us.

I will continue to track my networking on a monthly and quarterly basis in an attempt to better invest my time while trying to figure out where to double down.

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